Knuffelservicenumber on a toy you found

Ik heb een knuffel met een knuffelservicenummer gevonden

You found a toy with a knuffelservicenumber

Knuffel heeft een knuffelservicenumber
Duck with knuffelservicenumber

Thanks searching the internet for knuffelservicenumber! You found a soft toy with a label and now you are here to help it find it’s way home. You are on the right track, social media will do the trick. We hope you find the owner and make him or her really happy.

Don’t give up on bringing this beloved toy home, the owner will search for it for a long long time. The world is a better place with people like you! Thank you!

What is “knuffel”? You found a “knuffel”: “Knuffel” means ‘hug’ in Dutch and is the Dutch word for ‘soft toy’. The owner of this toy has given it a this label to be able to find it over the internet. Probably they have never been separated before and the owner has trouble sleeping without this dear friend.

How does this work?

You recognize the knuffelservicenumber as ‘KSN2014KPPxxxx’ written on the label. The first part (KSN2014KPP) helps you find the topic on internet and social media, the last four numbers (xxxx) are unique for this toy. The owner will mention and search the complete knuffelservicenumber (KSN2014KPPxxxx) on the internet and social media.

Please help this loved toy travel back home and make someone really happy today!

Twitter Thank you for tweeting:

Found a toy with knuffelservicenumber KSN2014KPPxxxx @knuffelhotel #KSN2014KPP #knuffelservicenummer #knuffelservicenumber #KSN2014KPPxxxx

A picture would be really helpfull for the owner.

Facebook Thank you for posting:

Found a toy with knuffelservicenumber KSN2014KPPxxxx on the company page “Knuffelhotel”

A picture would be really helpfull for the owner.

Instagram Thank you for posting a picture and mentioning:

Found a toy with a knuffelservicenumber #KSN2014KPP #KSN2014KPPxxxx #knuffelhotel #knuffelservicenumber #knuffelservicenummer

The owner will look for people mentioning their unique knuffelservicenumber and contact you through the social media of your choosing. Together you can discuss how their soft toy can travel home safely.

Thank you for making the world a happy place!

Lost and Found | FAQ

I don’t have social media

Not everybody has social media, if that’s the case you can e-mail the KSN-number to us and we will put it on our social media.

What about the costs of returning the toy?

All costs are for your own account. You negotiate who pays what and how with the owner of the toy.

Shall I send the toy to Knuffelhotel?

No, it’s better to wait until you know exactly to what adres to send the toy. Maling directly to the owner is faster and you can settle who is paying the costs of sending the package.

Don’t you get any responds on social media, even after 2 weeks? You can send the toy to Knuffelhotel. Please note that you will have to pay the costs of sending the toy to the Netherlands yourself. Knuffelhotel does not reimburse any costs you made.

Can I e-mail with some-one about this?

Yes, please e-mail us if you have questions.

Do I get a reward?

No, but a happy smiling kid makes a huge reward, doesn’t it?